Nanowrimo Prep..or Lack of.

It’s quickly nearing November 1st. To many people its the start of the holidays. Though many of you may not be aware its NaNoWriMo for authors and aspiring authors. Much like how everyone with an artist friend knows about Inktober (which I have always failed at) those with an author friend may have heard of NaNo.

This year I will be participating in NaNo. I thought I had time to write another novel in October but alas that didn’t happen. Now I am stuck scrambling to put together my plot tonight and tomorrow.

I did NaNo three years ago out of boredom, which birthed the idea of Eyes of the Galaxy. Which is now my first novel. I am really proud to say that I am a published Author. Something I never thought I would have ever said in my entire life. I always felt like I never had enough ideas to fill a whole book but I guess I do. I hope this time next month I might be exhausted but have a nearly finished novel.

I will try to blog more often, along with all the other things. (Hint: playing too much Red Dead Redemption 2)



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