The halfway point

I am really horrible at blogging. I am even worse at journalling. You can ask my husband how many times I express frustration over having to write a five page journal entry because I haven’t journaled in months. Anyways, Nanowrimo I am currently just over halfway through the month.

To be honest I am going to not so humble brag here. I am proud of myself. I’ve officially made it farther than I did three years ago with my first attempt at writing. So that makes me really happy. But what many people don’t know is that these two books that my husband and I are writing separately are the start of a larger  plan of releasing many new novels in 2019. We sat down and both wrote out a list of novels we are looking to plan out. For Dana its turning his beloved screenplays into wonderful novels. An idea I absolutely love because why let it collect dust on your hard drive? Get it out there in any form. For me one of them is a new rendition of the Geek Girls web series we did, which I am writing book one right now. (Which the title keeps changing but I know I’ll settle on something before it goes to print.) And holy crap I have to tell you the story is way different than I every imagined but still very full of geeky fun. My other novels are other ideas I have randomly come up with in the last year. I wont go into too much detail right now because those things change.

I never thought this would be a journey I would ever be on in my entire life. I know I say it often but thats because I am still amazed that I am on this journey to begin with. I am an artist with what I thought were zero ideas and all the sudden it all comes pouring out like a waterfall. Its really exciting and I do love reading. I have about three large boxes of books sitting in storage and thats after I got rid of the ones I didn’t like. So yeah I love books. My favorite thing honestly is the monthly book sale my local library does.

Anyways back to Nano, I have been juggling art commission work and personal obligations while doing Nano. Somehow by support from Dana and our editor Jeff I  have kept up for the most part. It just goes to show writers and creative types how we really can force ourselves to be disciplined no matter what.

Honestly, I was complaining to my sweet husband how its sill that Nano is during November with the start of the holidays and all that. Now that I am thinking about it I have changed my mind. It is a mad scientist type genius if you think about it. If you can pull of a 50k word first draft during the start of the holidays then whats your excuse in July or March for that matter? Like Stephen King says he writes 2k words a day no matter what. Thats about 2 hours of writing a day give or take on how fast you write.  For the average person who watches a fair amount of Tv at night can cut back on that and you’ve found a few hours to write. I have implemented that into my life a long time ago. Enough to where I have a really hard time watching Tv for a long period of time before I feel super lazy. Which makes me like the worst movie watcher ever. But for some people its cutting back on social media time or whatever. Its possible to find those few hours to get things done and finish your novel.

Honestly, if I can do it anyone can. Its the same with other goals too. Want to lose weight? Make it a priority. Want to learn a new skill? Do it everyday. Want to learn to draw better? Practice forever. The thing is we tend to stand in our own way. I know I still do it and its rough to get out of the way of progress but its worth it. I mean what else do you have to lose? Its better to try and fail than to never try at all. I meet people all the time at conventions who say “One day I’ll finish that comic” or “I would love to write a novel.” Great! What’s stopping you? There’s always an mumbled excuse of no time or lack of skill and a laundry list of “What ifs” and “Buts.” The sad thing is I do it too. Like I said I am not perfect but I do get really bored with waiting. So I push forward past my fears and excuses. I turn it into “Why not?”

So Why not? I believe in you and you should too. Its better to try and fail than to never try at all. And after you fail keep trying.


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